A Survey of the Bridge

Today Mr. Frost (John) and I went to the heart of downtown Najéra down to survey locations we believe contain the foundation of the original bridge.
Located over the Najerilla river, the brigde was origionally built in the 12th century, then remade in 1880.
John and I began by setting up the total station at various markers lined along the river. From there, we used the total station as a point of refrence to locate what we believe to be the foundation of the old bridge.
By using the total station to mark key points of the bridge, we are able to log any data collected with hopes to eventually investigate the age of the blocks.
There seems to be a thin layer of concrete covering some of the original foundation of the bridge. This could indicate a sort of recycling or repair of the original 13th century blocks.
Now that the points have been stored, we now have the exact locations of what we believe to be the original foundation. This will help any future investigation of the bridge.Total Station Over Localization Point

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  1. Hi,

    Any URL with photos about de Najerilla River bridge:

    Puente San Juán de Ortega (Puente de piedra) sobre el río Najerilla. Nájera (La Rioja), año 1867. Fuente BNE.
    -> (Ver obra) + (Save as…)

    Puente San Juán de Ortega (Puente de piedra). Nájera (La Rioja), años 1940.
    Foto de autor desconocido.


  2. How interesting… I can tell this well-written blog was a work of genius, written by a very motivated scholar. Thank you!😇

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