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Covering the First Day in Nájera

Hello all!

To echo what Dr. de Brestian had mentioned in his last post, sorry for the long delay between posts on the blog. This past week-plus has been very tiring from the multiple perspectives of an acclimation to our new environment as well as just being physically and mentally exhausted.

As a bit of an introduction of myself, my name is Jake Hayward and this is my second consecutive season participating in the Najerilla Vally Research Project. I could not be happier with my decision to return. The amount of information that I was able to acquire last year on the project as well as the ability to continue learning from Dr. de Brestian, with the addition of co-director Dr. Victor Martinez this season, was too great of an opportunity to pass up.

Now to the actual post!

Thursday, June 2nd was our first full day in Nájera where we were actually able to go out in “the field” and commence the work we are conducting while here in Spain. Beginning at roughly 8:30 am CEST (Central European Summer Time) we headed up to Santa Lucia and familiarized ourselves with the hike and the area we would be working with. From doorstep to the site is a roughly 25-30 minute hike which is mostly enjoyable. No work was actually done while we were up here but this gave us a good idea of what we were going to be expecting going forward.

A view of Santa Lucia from the Castillo

After this short stop at the top of Santa Lucia we went into the city and stopped at the Alcazar, or fortress, of Nájera. This is a very neat site that we only had a brief opportunity to see. We were able to break for lunch after this.

After our lunch break we went back into the city to explore the monastery of Santa Maria la Real. This is an amazing place! The monastery was originally constructed in the 11th century by King Garcia Sanchez III of Navarre and continued to evolve throughout the centuries. It is now a must-see stop on the Camino de Santiago.

Santa Maria la Real

All in all this was a very busy day with a lot to take in. Thanks for checking in and make sure to keep coming back for updates!