May 29, 2018

On Tuesday, May 29th, we went to a cute little cafe in Madrid for breakfast. Afterwards, we headed to the Museo Arqueologico Nacional which is the Archaeological Museum which has some really cool features. It was a museum for the blind which means that objects were placed along the wall that the visitors could touch. We learned about Bell-beaker pottery which are bell shaped and they show how wealthy someone is because they can have a feast to feed other people. They are found in the Bronze age in 2,000 BCE. They were decorated with geometric shapes and designs. We had a break afterwards and went to lunch and napped for siesta. Afterwards, we went to the Prado where I was assigned 3 works of art to tell the group about, those being: The Spinners or the Fable of Arachne by Diego Rodriguez De Silvay Velazquez (1655-1660), The Embarkation of Saint Paula by Claude Lorrain (1639), and the Self-Portrait by Albrecht Durer (1498). Rachel was assigned: Descent from the Cross by Rogier Van der Weyder (1435), The Holy Trinity by El Greco (1577), and Saturn Devouring His Children by Goya (1819). The museum was extremely interesting and had so many Titians which were called Titziano. There were a ton of people but it was overall, an enjoyable experience. After the Prado closed at 9 PM, we headed to a fancy traditional restaurant where we had ham slices and cheese followed by a chicken and ham paella.

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